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Home Care

General Maintenance

Home Care


Tenants must contact the utility companies to set up accounts in their own name. It is important that tenants close and settle accounts at the end of the tenancy.


Wooden and laminate floors are NOT permitted in flats unless the property is fitted with suitable soundproofing as they cause undue noise disturbance to the person living underneath. However, consideration will be given to the installation of wooden floors if you live on the ground floor. Please ask Maillard & Co for more information.


You are not allowed to sublet rooms in your home or to take in lodgers.


Pets can cause a problem and so permission must be sought from Maillard & Co before you bring pets into your home. You can download a copy of our Pet Policy and application form from our website. Please be advised that Les Vaux Housing Trust operates a NO DOGS policy in all its flats. Permission for dogs in houses with gardens is usually granted. However, Les Vaux Housing Trust may review this agreement if complaints are received from neighboring properties regarding nuisance i.e. constant barking, damage to the property, and/ or mess in the communal areas. All pet owners must ensure that if you walk your dog on the grounds or around the buildings that your dog is kept on a lead and that any excrement is picked up and disposed of immediately. The same applies to friends who walk their dogs in the common areas when visiting you.


Rubbish should be disposed of carefully. Please do not leave black bags in the common areas (they smell, especially in the Summer) and if a bag leaks on the way to the bins, please clear up the spillage. There have been recorded instances where we have experienced problems with vermin (seagulls and rats in particular) when bags are not placed in the wheelie bins and when the bin lids are left open. Please do all you can to prevent rubbish from becoming a health hazard on your estate.

In addition, please do not discard furniture, fittings, white goods or any large items on your estate. Kindly arrange to take these to the dump. Glass bins are provided on most estates. There are notices up in the bin areas, reminding you how to dispose of the glass. The most important things to remember are to remove the lids and corks from the bottles and jars, wash them and do not leave plastic or other carrier bags in the glass bins. The glass collectors may refuse to take glass that has not been sorted correctly and cleaned and in that case, we will have to employ a private contractor at extra expense to the estate.


Mail addressed to previous occupants is often allowed to pile up in the corridors and halls. The postmen are not allowed to take unwanted post back to the Post Office. If you know the forwarding address for the person who used to live in your flat, why not re-address the letters and pop them into the nearest postbox? If they have left and you do not know where they have gone to, it would be helpful if you wrote “moved away” or “unknown at this address” on the envelopes and posted them in a postbox. The Post Office will then return the correspondence to the sender and the staircases and halls will be less cluttered.


Please look after your keys as the cost of replacing keys is the tenants’ responsibility. You are welcome to leave a spare key at the offices of Maillard & Co if it makes it easier for contractors to gain access for any necessary repairs.

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