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Useful contacts


Citizens’ Advice Bureau
Freephone: 0800 7350249

Freephone: 0800 555111

Tel: 612612

Jersey Fire & Rescue Service
Tel: 01534 445906

Jersey Electricity Company Limited
Tel: 0800 0488042

Jersey Gas Company
Tel: 01534 755500
Emergency 24 hour service: 01534 755555

Jersey Water
Tel: 01534 707300

Environmental Health Jersey:
Tel: 01534 443712

Maillard & Co
Tel: 01534 880880

Customer & Local Services (Social Security)
Tel: 01534 444444

Affordable Housing Gateway:
Tel: 01534 448944

Jersey Post
Tel: 01534 616616

Jersey Telecom
Tel: 882882

Tel: 01534 666660

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All you need to know about your home

Les Vaux is one of Jersey’s largest providers of affordable housing, responsible for more than 331 properties and 1k islanders. We take our responsibilities very seriously and are committed to being the landlord of choice for our clients. In this section you will find information about our services and what you can expect from us, as well as the standards we expect from our clients, both of which will help us to achieve our objective of inspiring responsible communities in all of our developments.